Friday, February 1, 2013

An enjoyable Friday

Good Morning!

This was taken 2 years ago at Dana Point Harbor.  The bird on the right is a Great Blue Heron.  I have learned so much since I quit appraising.  Never saw these birds before and never knew what they were called.  I was so focused on appraising, that I did not see the other things in life.  These birds have very large nests.

This is what I plan to do today.  I am doing my morning computer routine, then I will do a load of laundry and then I am going to work on a box from the storage unit.  My goal for this year is to get the storage unit more organized.  I will work on the storage box until lunch.  After lunch, I want to go to Los Rios and run some errands.  Los Rios is the oldest street in California and is near the mission.  It is peaceful there and I like to go walking there.  Mari can also take some pictures and I can get my photo of the day.  I want to work on Station Stops, which is part of my docent training.  I am going to put them on cards, so I can memorize them.  Then dinner and watching TV and reading blogs.  I like this kind of day.  Rory is gone for the majority of the day, so it will be relatively peaceful today.  He is having a procedure done to check for neuropathy in his legs.

Got my morning computer routine done and a load of laundry.  Worked on the storage unit box.  It is so much fun to hole punch pieces of paper and put them in file folders.  NOT!  Took a nap and then Rory called.  The way he described what they said, is his legs are anemic and they did not do the second part of the procedure, as they were afraid his legs might not heal from the injection.  Did some more of the filing.  This has to do with my father-in-laws trust and all the paper work from our attorney.  I am trying to put all of the paper work into stronger boxes.  The girls and I have had lunch and I was reading a blog about dream travel.  My list of places is the whole United States, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  Mari is a little more daring than me and Marissa is similar to me.  Now we are headed for Los Rios.  Marissa is actually going with us.  YEA!

Had a great time at Los Rios and took some pictures.  Then went to Total Wine and then to Smart and Final.  We are now home and going to do some docent stuff.  I am frustrated with Rory; but, so, what else is new.  I hear things one way and he hears things another way.  When he had the procedure this morning, they told him he has anemia in his legs.  Much of what Rory deals with is all part of the diabetes and now the anemia.  Mari made dinner for Rory and I made dinner for us.  The girls of us watched TV and we are now having quiet time.  Going to do my night time routine.

Good night.  Trudi

This was taken in Old Town Orange back in October, 2012.

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