Sunday, February 17, 2013


Good Morning!

I woke up feeling like it is just another day.  I am trying to work myself out of this feeling, by being grateful for all I have.  I am happy for being a docent, but not that excited.  I wish I could be excited about something.  I did enjoy yesterday, but today is just another day and I don't like feeling this way.  It is another day of the TV going non-stop or so it seems.  One thing I am grateful for is the support I have on this group and the support I get from my daughters.  When I told my husband about my becoming a docent, it was like so what and he moved on with talking about what he wanted to talk about, which was his trip.

Today Mari and I are going to church and the rest of the day is mainly around home.  I do have some errands to do.  I am so glad I went to church.  I do serve, but I am selfish and I need to get past this.  As usual, Pastor Rick spoke to me.  I need to honor God with my serving and I am very blessed, that I don't have to have a paying job and I can stay home and do things for my family.   Mari and I went to Sprout's after service and got some things we needed and then came home.  Ate lunch and now I am going to go take a nap.

"Repurpose Tree" at Saddleback Church

Had my nap and now I am getting some things accomplished.  Getting a box of papers organized from the lawsuit we had against my step mother-in-law.  Edited and posted my picture of the day and made a smoothie for Mari and I .  The next thing I am going to do is edit and post the pictures of the mission I took yesterday.  Did my mission pictures and started working on taxes, as our appointment is on March 2.  Made dinner and I am going to watch Amazing Race at 8.  At 9, I am going to read and go to bed at 10.

Of course I am dealing with issues with Rory and Marissa.  Good Night!  Trudi

P.S.  Rory wants to talk to me before I go to bed!  He has something on his mind and I hate when he does this right before I go to bed.  I do a wind down routine for a reason.  Argh!

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