Friday, February 8, 2013

Learning and gaining confidence

Good Morning!

Thought everyone would like a beautiful morning sunrise!

This morning we have rain and I have a tour to follow at the Mission.  Yesterday helped a lot and I decided to really get in and learn, so I can feel confident in what I say on tours.  This afternoon, we are going to get Marissa's hair cut and run some errands.

I did my morning computer routine and then I left for the Mission.  Saw Julie and we got a chance to talk  We did a tour and I got to do two station tours and felt much more confident.  I am going to do my tour to become a docent next Friday.  Wish me luck!  I really am excited that I did this.  The only thing that Julie recommended is that I speak louder.  While we were on our tour, it started pouring.  On the way home I stopped by and got sandwiches for the three girls of us.  Came home and took a nap, as I really didn't get the best sleep last night.  We needed to get Marissa's hair cut and go to Trader Joe's and then to Kohl's to get me some black pants for my docent uniform.  Got a snack and then headed for home.  I have not been feeling the best today.  I have a feeling that all of the stress I have been dealing with this week caught up with me.  I laid down for a little while when we got home.  Now we need to get dinner.

This is a picture of one of the front courtyard at Mission San Juan Capistrano.

Mari made Rory's dinner and I made ours.  Watched TV and now I am working on computer stuff.  Really looking forward to going to bed tonight and get a good night's sleep.  I will do my reading at 9.

Good night.  Trudi

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