Monday, February 11, 2013


Good Morning!

Originally my blog was going to be called doctors, cars and school, as that is what today is going to be. Mari has a physical today, as we finally have medical insurance for her under a program called PCIP-which has to do with pre-existing conditions.  The medical insurance I have turned her down because of her weight and her issues with anxiety.  Minor detail I deal with the same thing and they approved me.  I can't complain though as PCIP is less expensive than mine.  PCIP wants her to have a physical, which she is doing.  I need to get my car in to have the oil changed.  Rory is going to his MOVE class, which has to do with nutrition and other things.  Mari, also has school this afternoon.

Right before Rory left, he told me that an insurance plan he has will not accept nurse practitioners, which is what the VA uses.  One of his employers is a union and will not sign as his employer.  He has not worked since January 15, 2013 and he is trying to get disability, as he is dealing with diabetes neuropathy.  The insurance plan does not want to pay.  He told me that if he is dying to get a non-VA doctor.  This is insane.

This is the front door to the Gamble house in Pasadena.  The Gamble house is an example of American arts and crafts architecture and was built by the Greene Bros.  It is a very beautiful house and well worth taking a tour.

This morning was crazy!  Mari and I left about 9 to take her to the doctor.  I stayed until she went in and then I left to take my car to have the oil changed.  On the way over, I called the rental car place and  the man told me, he would have to call me back when he was free.  When I got to the mechanic and had checked in the car, I called the rental car place again and was told it would be some time before they could pick me up.  The physical was only supposed to take an hour and it took about 2.5 hours and the rental car place called me about 15 minutes before my car was ready.  Poor Mari was starving and we got to have lunch together.  I talked to Rory on the way to pick up Mari and while he was driving, there was a CHP behind him and a sheriff next to him and one of them put on his lights and luckily it was not for Rory, but another car.  After the CHP and sheriff stopped this other car, the sheriff  pulled out a rifle.  Law enforcement around here are on heightened alert due to this ex-LAPD officer who has murdered 3 people.  This guy has suddenly vanished.  After we had lunch, Mari and I went to Trader Joe's and then to Starbucks.  Came home.  Mari has to go to school this afternoon and I feel so sorry for her.  Luckily, she got a little bit of a nap.

Marissa and I took Mari to school and on the way back we stopped at Target and then Marissa wanted to stop at Starbucks.  I am starting to fade and I have one more drive to Laguna tonight.  The picture is of Laguna Canyon Road and someone I know wanted pictures of lines.  This is a two lane road through Laguna Canyon and lately they have been replacing these poles either at night or during the day, which really causes fun with the traffic.

I made dinner and Marissa and I watched TV for a very little while.  Trying to get Marissa to feel like she can move forward with her life.  Just having quiet time until I go back to Laguna and get Mari.  After dinner, I have more energy.  I am going through my emails and trying to delete the majority of them.  I keep thinking I am going to go back and read them and I don't.  I need to take my own advice and handle things once.  In the next 35 minutes, I am going to do the laundry I did not do today, delete some more emails and then go pick up Mari.

Will do my reading before I go to bed.  Good night.  Trudi

Road leading up to our hill, taken a year ago.

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