Monday, February 25, 2013

Planning gives me peace

Good Morning!  It is a beautiful sunny day in So CA and I am enjoying the quiet!  The girls are not up yet and Rory left for a weight class.

This was not taken this morning, but was taken about a month ago, when we had clouds in the morning!

Last night, we had some people come over, who are going to take care of Sweet Pea while we are on vacation in May.  I know this is February and we won't be leaving until May, but it gives me peace to know who is taking care of her.  I like to have menus prepared ahead of time for meals as it gives me peace.  I know I can't schedule everything, but it is nice when I have certain things planned.  My daughters sort of make fun of me with this in a loving way, but sometimes I thinks it gets on their nerves.  In some ways, Rory is worse than me, as he has this tendency to plan everything way ahead.

Today, Mari has school from 4-10 and after I drop her off, I am going to run errands.  I will go out this morning and get stuff for dinner, as I have to make Mari's dinner before she goes to school.  I like Mondays in that regard, as I know when I get home from walking or doing errands after I drop off Mari, dinner is already made and all I have to do is heat it up.

I really got in there and got things done this morning, plus got a nap.  Computer routine done, load of laundry done and some laundry put away.  Went to Trader Joe's to get some things we needed.  Came back, put stuff away and took a nap.  Organizing the car and then had lunch.  Finally finished watching Biggest Loser from last week.  Biggest Loser gives me motivation to stay positive and move forward.  Many people say I am strong, but I don't feel like it.  This morning when I was over at Trader Joe's, I was saying what a beautiful day it was and I need to keep a positive attitude, not my negative attitude.  Rory called, while I was taking a nap and was complaining about having to do exercises.  I decided to not say anything to the girls about it.  He came home while I was watching Biggest Loser and went to sleep on the couch.  He keeps telling me he can't do this and he can't do that and I am tired of it.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  Marissa is looking at taking some on line classes on pet sitting, especially with cats.  I am proud of her.  Better go make a smoothie before I have to take Mari to school.

There used to be homes on this road.  This is a road that was in the Old El Toro Marine Base in Irvine, CA.

Took Mari to school and Marissa went with me.  As usual, we stopped at Starbucks and then went to Smart and Final on the way back up the hill.  We did stop by the storage unit and then came home.  At Rory's class they did exercises and now he is complaining about sore muscles.  We were both out and he wanted some cheese bread, so when I got home I made some for him.  Doing picture stuff at the moment.  In about 10 minutes, going to put dinner on a tray and take it up to Rory.

Lately, I have learned when he is stressed he does not like the food I make, unless it is has a sweet taste or the meat is burnt.  Tonight, was one of those nights.  He keeps saying, he is going to throw up.  I am very tired of this.  I have said this before, but this time, I am going to stick to my guns and he is going to have to get his own food.  I will put it together, but he is going to come up with his own menu.  If it is something that all of us can eat, then I will make it for all of us.  Tomorrow night, I am making chicken fajitas for Marissa and I.  He does not want it.  I am currently down at LCAD picking up Mari.  I was watching Biggest Loser before I left.  Rory wants me to stop hurting his feelings.  It would be nice if we stop hurting my feelings and putting me down.

Going home and going to bed.  Long day tomorrow!

Good  night!  Trudi

This was taken a year ago at Del Mar, CA

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