Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In a fog

Good Morning!

Yesterday afternoon when I was walking with Julie, it was major foggy at Dana Point, but as I drove farther inland, it was not as foggy.  As time went on, the fog came farther inland and by the time I went to pick up Mari, it was very foggy at our house and luckily by the time I got down to Laguna, it was not as foggy.  This morning, it is still foggy at our house.

I, also, feel like I am in a fog when it comes to my tour of the mission.  I am not sure how to practice, as to me, it would look a little weird, walking around the mission practicing my tour.  I guess not all things are straight forward.

Mari has school today from 10-10. I am going to go walk Dana Point, go to the mission to get some information, then come home and get lunch and take a nap.  I am going with Marissa to counseling and then come home make dinner and about 9 go back and pick up Mari.  I won't get to see Mari all day and I will miss seeing her.

Mari and I left about 9:15 to get to Starbucks and school.  Made it.  I made a test run from Laguna to the mission to see if I could do this on Wednesday and get to the mission by 10:15 and be able to follow by 10:30.  This will work.  Went to Dana Point and did the walk I did on Saturday.  This walk has a lot of stairs.  I had to keep telling myself I can do this.  I really have to push myself to do things and have the confidence.  I feel like I keep going round and round in my head.  It is tiring and old, but I have to keep moving forward.  I want to be an example to Marissa that you can do what you put your mind to.  Did not have time to go to the mission, so on the way home, stopped at Lee's Sandwich and got lunch for Marissa and I .  Came home, had lunch, took a nap and then headed for Marissa's counseling appointment.  Good appointment.  Stopped and got snack on the way home and then ran an errand at Target.  Came home, made dinner, watched The Biggest Loser and now I am going to go get Mari. Not as foggy tonight.  Mari just came out the door of her building, so we will head home.  I will do my reading and go to bed.

Good night.  Trudi

Doing my walk today in Dana Point.

Statue in Laguna on a walk that Mari and I took in Laguna Beach in October, 2012.

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