Thursday, February 21, 2013

Acceptance of me

Good Morning!

A little more relaxed day!  YEA!  I have a docent meeting to go to today.

As I was making breakfast, I was going through a spiral notebook that had been sitting on our breakfast bar forever.  I threw away some of the pages, but when I got to one page, I could not throw it away as it really says who I am.  My dream is to be a travel photographer, to explore and to learn.  I love history!  I enjoy helping others, to live simply and to be financially responsible.  I do enjoy helping others, but I have to remember not to enable them.  I know when things become chaotic, it affects my eating and spending.  My marriage is based on Rory's need for someone to take care of him and I fell into that role.  Rory has never been financially responsible and that has always affected us and I see that looking back.  I felt he was one person who accepted me for me and he did.  I could be classified as a codependent and I know that.  I do not want to enable people any more and I am tired of being the caregiver.  I do not mind being Mari or Marissa's chauffeur, as it is helping all of us financially.  If we had to buy a car for Mari, the payments for all the needs of a car would fall on us, as I do not want Mari to have a job while she is in school.  I want her whole focus to be on school and she is doing that.  Marissa deals with so much anxiety and I really do not know where her life is going.  I want the best for both of my daughters.  I need to keep this list in front of me all the time, as I feel like I am trying to constantly find things that make me happy and I really have it in front of my face.

I love my little girl and this is what she is doing right now and what she does best!  This was taken two years ago!

Got my computer routine done this morning, as well as a load of laundry done.  Took a nap and then did some work on the box from the storage unit and got it done.  YEA!  Rory is looking at getting into property auctions.  We have a realtor that we trust and he sent me an email to Rory regarding a conversation that Rory had with him.  I know that this could be a business for us, but not something I really want to do, but we need some income or eventually the inheritance money is going to run out.  I do know the real estate industry better than Rory.  I told him he needs to learn how to use the computer, which he does not want to do and we need to go to a class on property auctions, but he does not want them to be at night.  He keeps putting up walls and I am not going to do all of this, as it is not really my thing and I told him that.  I left about noon to go to my docent meeting.  Interesting meeting and I really enjoyed it.  I am going to join a couple more groups.  One is a historical society and the other is CMSA, which has to do with the missions.  We had a speaker who is a Native American from the tribe surrounding Mission San Juan Capistrano.  On the way home, I went to Trader Joe's.  Will need to make dinner in a few.

Dinner made and watching a DVD from Netflix.  More history!  Going to read at 9 and to bed at 10.

Good Night!  Trudi

Picture taken at Chapman University in Orange, CA last year.

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