Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday Monday

Good Morning!

Nothing is really planned for today.  Mari does not have school today.  We do have errands for this afternoon.  Not the best night's sleep last night, so I know I will be taking a nap.  I did take a nap and slept so hard, I was not quite with it, when I woke up.  Did my computer stuff and a load of laundry.  Did some organizing.  Eating lunch and then we are going to run errands.

Mari and I left about 1 and I went up the street and took a picture of a tree in bloom.

After I did this, we went to Target, then to Laguna and ran a couple of errands and then to Goodwill, where I found my red jacket for $5.00 and then to the bank and then to Jamba Juice.  Came home and doing my afternoon stuff.  Going to do tax stuff and then make dinner.

Rory decided to come down.  He walked quite a bit for him yesterday and is having problems with his legs today.  He is dealing with diabetic neuropathy.  He got tired of the bed, so he came downstairs and sat in his chair, which does have vibration and heat.  I was working on taxes and he started making all sorts of comments about what we can write off, that I don't feel like we can.  I am glad we have a really good tax guy.  I am so tired of Rory's irresponsibility!!!  He has always been like this and I get more tired of it everyday.

Made dinner and I have been watching TV.  Going to turn off the TV and read at 9 and hopefully go to bed at 10.  Rory came down at 8:45 and I am going upstairs and read and do computer stuff.  After I moved my stuff, I went into the bathroom and Rory had Mari get him some Perrier water and open the slider.  Mari was doing school work and I could have done it, but he needed right now.  He asked me not to say anything and that is the problem, I can't say anything.  ARGH!

Good night!  Trudi.

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