Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Will I ever learn?

Good Morning!

I feel like I should use the song-"Here we go round in circles"-as that is what I keep doing.  Let me let go.

This was taken at a car show in Lake Forest, CA that Marissa and I stumbled upon last week.

My day today is a little less hectic.  Mari has school from 10-4 and I am following a tour this morning.  Marissa needs to get her bangs cut and the house gets cleaned.

Mari got to school on time and she still has a class on Wednesday.  Her class has a very small amount of people and they keep thinking it will be cancelled, but so far, not.  Got to the mission on time and was able to do two station tours, so now I, only have two more.  The person, whose tour I followed was awesome and I was able to talk to her after the tour.  She reads a lot and shares information in her tour.  Got Starbucks lunch for Marissa and I and headed home.  Got a wonderful nap and now we are headed out to get Marissa's bangs cut and run some errands.  We will work ourselves towards Laguna.

Well nothing went the way I had hoped it would.  There was a 40 minute wait at the hair place, so went by the vet and dropped off the used syringes.  Then headed for Laguna and then to get a snack.  Stopped at Trader Joe's and then home.  Usually the cleaning people get to our house about 2:30-3; but today, they did not get there until after 4.  Rory came home and was watching "Tiaras and Toddlers", so I decided to go outside and work on the computer.  I was really hoping to do some docent reading, but I guess so much for that idea.  Frustration upon frustration gets old.  I am also upset with myself, as I don't feel confident in giving tours.  Everyone keeps saying have fun with it and I have a problem having fun.

This is Macy, who lives at the vet!

Did do some reading, but got very tired.  I am not giving up!!!  Made dinner and watched "Face Off' with the girls.  We turned off the TV and had some quiet time.  At 9, Mari and I are going to watch Ghost Hunters and then I am going to do some reading and go to bed.  I am very tired.

Good night!  Trudi

Walking path at Heritage Park in Dana Point, CA

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