Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Food Addiction

Good Morning!

I was doing a challenge and we were supposed to do patterns!

I love to plan and much of the time,  I have a tendency to focus on food.  I need to learn to make a menu and let it go and not keep thinking about it.  I love sweets and I am trying to limit eating sweets to one meal a day.

Mari has school from 10-12 and I am going to go walk at Dana Point Harbor and then going to Trader Joe's and pick up sandwiches for Mari and I.  This afternoon, I am going to take a nap and then get my car washed.  We will see what the rest of the day brings!

Took Mari to school and then went to Dana Point and walked.  Went to Trader Joe's and got sandwiches for Mari and I and some other things.  I feel like a major burden was lifted, when I stopped cooking for Rory. I can get fresh vegetables and make things the girls and I enjoy and eat healthy and not worry whether Rory is going to like what we have.  I got Sweet Potato Tater Tots and Fries.  Came back and picked up Mari and then came home and took a nap, that was interrupted by Rory wanting to know what the mail was.  Went to get my car washed and then came home.  Going to have snack and then work on my virtual concierge blog.  I feel like I got bogged down with going through the lawsuit box that was in the storage unit, as well as working on taxes.  I feel like I now have some freedom.

This picture was taken during my walk today at Dana Point!

Did my blog, posted my daily picture and signed up for a couple of groups having to do with Missions. Put a bill on bill pay and called two of the hotels we are staying at on our vacation.  Made dinner and watched the last part of my "Libery" video.  Doing computer stuff and going to watch "Ghost Hunters" at 9 p.m.  For some reason today, I have been very tired.

Good night!  Trudi

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