Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Good Morning!  We have a rain storm coming today!

This was taken two years ago at Forest Lawn in Cypress, CA.  I love cemeteries, as they are an interesting place to take pictures.  I love statues and it is interesting to see old gravestones and recent gravestones with pictures on them.

Today Mari has school from 10-10, Marissa has counseling from 3-4 and Rory goes back to the doctor for a follow-up and I am going to the Mission to get measured for my hat and get my official badge.

I live by lists and now I am starting to make a list of things that I need to work on about myself.  I realized on Sunday, that I am selfish and yesterday, I realized I don't accept people for who they are.  I want people to accept me for who I am, but I don't accept people for who they are.  I do not like this about myself.

Rory found out that the doctor at the VA put down that he has diabetes and now he feels that he will not be able to work.  The other day he went over to a shopping center and walked around and then he tried to find his car and couldn't.  He called me and said he could not walk anymore.  Knowing all of this, I do not know how he would work anyway.  He works with prisoners in a hospital and he works at the docks and has to sometimes stand for 8 hours.  He usually needs the next day or two or three to recover.  I guess my feeling is when is he going to accept the truth and deal with it.

It was nice to get out of the house.  Took Mari to school and then went to the Mission and got my hat.  On the way home, picked up Sweet Pea's insulin.  I have had lunch and I am going to take a nap, then get out of here.  Rory is in a rotten mood and he is downstairs.  So much fun!  NOT!  Well, I did not get a nap, as I had a major argument with Rory, as he was feeling sorry for himself, that the doctor wrote down the truth.  I told him I am fed up with his living in la la land and that our marriage is done, unless he does something to turn it around.  Marissa and I left about 1:45 and went to Target, but before we did that, I told him what I do and that maybe he should look into something like the programs-Storage Wars, Baggage Battle or Property Wars.  I got a call from him later that he had contacted a broker who we have dealt with and that I feel is reputable and the broker is going to look into where we can buy properties and turn them around.  I agree that he cannot work and maybe for a small amount of money this might work.  We shall see!  Rory is more the gambler than I .  I am not counting on anything.  Took Marissa to counseling and Mari texted me and said her second class was cancelled, so after Marissa got out of counseling, we picked up Mari and went to Trader Joes and then came home.  I am exhausted.  Made dinner and hopefully the rest of the evening will be a little more peaceful.  Very little got done on my list today and it was a very emotionally draining day.  No TV is going to be watched tonight, at least in the living room.  At least I thought so!  Rory, just came down!

Hopefully going to read at 9 and go to bed at 10.  Good night!  Trudi

Chapman University taken one year ago.

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