Monday, March 18, 2013

A break from the usual week

Good Morning!

It is a gloomy morning, but I am in a good and positive mood!  It helps to get away and spend time with a friend and have some fun!

Mari is on spring break this week, which is nice.  I know I have some house stuff to do today and tonight the girls and I are having dinner with Rory's nephew and his wife.

I have decided that for my 365 photo project, I am going to stick with taking pictures of churches, doors and windows and roads.

 The above picture is from Old Town Orange.

Yesterday, I found out how hard it was to get snacks that are healthy.  I could find no yogurt parfait or healthy snack bar.  Loads of ice cream, popcorn, churros, etc.  Things I like, but I wanted something healthy.  My friend's grandson got a kid bag that contained a hot dog, cut up apples and animal crackers.  That looked healthy, with the exception of the hot dog.  I wish the zoo and amusement parks had a way of getting healthy snacks.  There were some bags of trail mix, but not where we stopped.  I guess I need to learn to take things with me.

Something else I am dealing with is control or being selfish.  I need to learn to compromise and not always try to get my own way.  When I live with someone, who is very selfish, this is very difficult.  I feel like I don't know where I am being controlling or selfish and when it is acceptable.  The other day, I was reading "What in the World am I here for?" and Rick Warren was talking about our driving force and I realize, I just want to be accepted, so I have a tendency, which I am trying to work on not doing all the time, is to just give into what others want.  Mari has also brought up that I have a tendency to do a lot of planning and I need to learn to go with the flow.

Got a load of laundry started.  One is in the dryer and one more is in the washer.  Worked on budget, one month more and I will be done with last year.  Worked on typing Pala mission and Mari and I got a walk in of 3 miles.  Getting ready to get out the door to run some errands and have dinner with my husband's nephew and wife.  We have met them once, when we were in Alexandria, VA.

This was taken on the walk, Mari and I did this afternoon.

Went to the gas station, then to the storage unit to get the wreath for Easter.  Then we went to Target and then to the dinner.  It was so nice to see Randy and Roxanne and we had a great dinner.  On the way home we went to Trader Joe's and then to McDonald's to get a burger for Rory.  Came home and put Rory's dinner together.  Now I am doing computer stuff and watching Biggest Loser.

After this I am going to bed.

Good night!  Trudi

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