Friday, March 22, 2013

It is a do things at my pace day!

Good Morning!

We had fog earlier, but we have sun with some clouds and the birds are singing!  I did not get up until 7 this morning and I really have no place to go or anything to do.  I always have house stuff and my own projects and that is the kind of day it is going to be.  Rory has a headache and is in a lousy mood!  He got upset with me for sleeping in till 7.  He has a headache, but will not take anything, unless I give it to him.  Made pancakes this morning for the girls of us and doing my morning computer routine.  Rory has gone out for breakfast and then is headed to get our tax return and then going to a movie.  Mari and I are going to Balboa to go walking today.

Got my morning computer routine done and laundry is done for the week. YEA!  Attempted to take a nap, but Rory called and had to tell me all of the things that went on at the tax preparer's office.  What do I do with my frustration at him?  This has been a week of to much togetherness!  He wants to walk normal, but I know he won't be.  I know it is hard when everything hurts.  My knee hurts as well, but I live with it.  Need to make lunch for the girls and I.  I am really tired of the complaining from Rory.  Luckily, I will be gone most of the day tomorrow, as I am going to be in the Swallows Parade in San Juan Capistrano.

Made hamburgers for lunch and watched part of Kitchen Nightmares.  I DVR'd this program for awhile and then asked Marissa to stop taping it for me and I am glad I did.  I get tired of the yelling and screaming.  I get enough of it at home, I don't need it on TV as well.  Working on some financial stuff and going to do some typing on my missions blog.  Mari and I are leaving at 2 to go walking at Balboa Island.

Mari and I did leave around 2 to go to Balboa Island to go walking.  On the way, I got a phone call from Rory that after he had picked up the taxes he went over to Manhattan Beach to have lunch and when he was getting up from the table he dropped his check book and a young man ran over to pick it up and steal it.  Rory got into a fight with him, but did get the check book back.  The young man tried to attack him with a knife and also bite his ear.  Evidently this is happening quite often, as there is a gang that is going after older people and stealing purses, check books, wallets, etc.  They picked the wrong person with my husband.  The young man was arrested and taken to the hospital.  The police stated that this has happened before.  Rory told me on the phone that he was going to go home and get sick.  Mari and I heard this about 3 and emotionally had to deal with this until about 6, when we got home and heard the whole story.  Rory was in a much better mood when we got home.  I had decided to stay home tomorrow, but Rory told me not to.  I never know with him what kind of mood he is going to be in.

We all had dinner together and watched Ghost Adventures.  Rory went upstairs.  Now Mari is working on homework, Marissa is doing dishes and I am doing computer stuff.  I am going to work on emails until 9 and then read and go to bed at 10.

In many ways, I am glad it is Friday, as it has been a crazy week.

Good night.  Trudi

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  1. I hope you can enjoy the Swallows Parade...I'd love to hear about that.

  2. Thanks Cindy! I plan to enjoy! I will talk about it in my blog today!