Sunday, May 26, 2013

Something new

Good Morning!  Seattle is wet!

We are going on a city tour today!  Sweet Pea is doing well!  Rory gets off his cruise tomorrow!

The area we are in is an up and coming area that they are redoing.  The building across the way from us is old and it looks like they are restoring it.  One thing I liked about Portland is that they do not normally tear things down, but restore them, which I like.  I know there are some buildings not worth saving.

This is the view I have from my room in Seattle!

The tour bus picked us up around 9:35 and we headed out to see Seattle!  We did get to see the Space Needle and Pikes Place Market and quite a bit of Seattle.  It was a good tour.  They gave us an hour at the Space Needle and two hours at Pikes Place.  At first I was wondering what we were going to do for two hours, but two hours is not enough.  We got back to the hotel about 4 and we have been hanging out in the room.  We decided to do Lean Cuisine for dinner, which was fine.  I actually took a nap this afternoon, which I have not done since we left.  Tomorrow is another driving day.

Good Night!  Trudi

Seattle Space Needle

Mari and I in Seattle!

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