Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Good Morning!

It is very gray here this morning!

This was taken at Getty Villa two years ago and I do not know the people in the picture!

Last night, Rory and I were having a discussion about truthfulness.  He has a tendency to lie, when he knows the truth is going to hurt him or not get what he wants.  He is doing that right now with an appeal he has with Social Security Disability.  He has been waiting for a date before the judge for about  1.5 years and now he gets a date and he will be on vacation.  He has told Social Security that he will be on family business outside the country.  They took it as a funeral and they want to see the travel plans.  That was one part of our discussion last night.  When the girls were babies, Rory started a habit of gambling and lying to me about where he was.  He feels I pulled away from him, which I did, as I had two babies to take care of, a house to take care of and a full time job.  He wanted to continue his life of having fun.  Yes, he would work, but that was to pay for his fun.  He wanted the government or someone else to take care of the girls.  Recently he applied for a job and when he was truthful and told them he had diabetes, they made the decision to not hire him.  I disagree with that one, but now he keeps reminding me of this.  I am more into telling the truth and living with the consequences.

Anyway, today is going to be a normal Tuesday-BUSY!  Mari has school from 10-10, Marissa has counseling at 2.  We are starting the countdown to the end of school and I am doing some planning for our trip.  Left about 9:15 to take Mari to school and then came home, but stopped by the cleaners on the way back.  Came home and took a nap.

 When I am driving in the car with the girls, I have made the decision to turn the phone off, as Rory likes to call me and tell me about every little thing that has happened.  I want to spend quality time with the girls, especially on Tuesdays with Mari.  This morning, he called me regarding an issue with his trip.  It got really ridiculous.  After my nap, I did some financial stuff and then had lunch.  Marissa had to be at counseling one hour earlier than normal, so we left at 1:15.  I used "Map My Walk" to find a walk in the area and did that, plus got the rest of my snack from Starbucks.  Picked up Marissa and then  did some errands, as well as picked up dinner.  Came home and Rory was downstairs and needed help taking his boot off.  He was in a lousy mood.  He had gone to Social Security and turned in the paper work they wanted.  Finished canceling the reservations from the hotels we were not going to and then had dinner with Marissa and watched some TV.  Just having quiet time before I leave to pick up Mari.

Good night!  Trudi

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