Monday, April 22, 2013

Being one of those days in a non-routine week


These are the hills near Santiago Canyon and the trails.

Another busy day!  I had a tour this morning at the Mission.  One thing I have learned with doing these tours is that you have to be flexible.  After I left the Mission, I decided to take a different route home and got a sandwich on the way home.  This morning before I left, I decided that Mari and I are going to stay out in Joshua Tree/Palm Desert and drive home on Wednesday morning.  I was not sure how my energy level would be after leaving early tomorrow morning and shooting pictures out in the desert tomorrow afternoon in the heat and then having to drive home tomorrow night.  It is a 3 hour one way drive.  As I was leaving this morning, Rory needed help getting the boot on and Marissa was helping her, but he was complaining non-stop at her.  Now she has decided to go with us, as she does not want to stay home with her dad, which is fine with me.  I need to make snack and then I am taking Mari to school.  The picture below was taken today at the Mission.

As I was making snack, Mari went on her emails and found out that we will need to be around Joshua Tree until about 8:30 p.m.  I am so glad I made reservations at a hotel.  After Marissa found this out, she decided to not go and I am glad of that as well.  I am having someone come in and give Sweet Pea her insulin shots.  We left and went to the bank and then to Chipotle to get dinner and then to school.  On the way back, we stopped at Smart and Final to get some groceries.  Came home.  Marissa is struggling with Mari and I being gone; but I think things are going to work out ok.  Marissa and I had dinner together and then we had Lynn come over to see what to do with Sweet Pea.  Now I need to go get Mari from school.

I will probably write my blog tomorrow night from the hotel.

Good night.  Trudi

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