Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Running Tuesday

Good Morning!

This picture was taken on 04-16-2011 in Torrey Pines and looking up the California coast.

It's Tuesday and that means busy.  Leaving around 9:15 and taking Mari to school, then I need to take some paper work to the local VA for Rory, then go get some insuliin for Sweet Pea and then I am going to Foothill Ranch and go walking.  Now that I have "Map my Walk", I can go anywhere in my area and find walking paths.  After my walk, I am coming home and have lunch and take a nap and go to counseling with Marissa.  We will come home, have dinner and then about 9 go back to Laguna and get Mari.

Got Mari to school, then did my errands and came back by the house and dropped off the insulin and went over to Foothill Ranch to take a walk.  We do have a Wilderness Park in Foothill Ranch, but I don't want to walk through it by myself, as there are wild animals in the park.  Came home and having lunch.  Figured out the rest of my food for the day, so that I stay on track.

This picture was taken on my walk in Foothill Ranch, in a park, where I do not have to be concerned about wild animals.

After my lunch, took a nap.  Rory called and told me that he had to go to his local VA to have an EKG, so he can have the stress test on his heart.  Marissa and I left for counseling.  Every 2-3 weeks, I go in to Marissa's session.  I felt this was a good session.  On the way home, we stopped at Trader Joe's and got some things and then came home.  Rory was downstairs and I was hoping to do some editing of pictures before I started dinner.  He did go upstairs and later told me that all I have to do is tell him I want some alone time and he will go upstairs.  If he is in a good mood, he will do that, but most of the time he complains.  Tuesdays are long days and I really just want to chill, before I start dinner.  Made dinner for the three of us and now I am getting to do some editing and other stuff.  I am going to leave about 8:45 to go pick up Mari and then come home and go to bed.

Good Night!  Trudi

A tree stump I saw on my walk.

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