Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How our pasts hurt us-breaking through the walls of fear and acceptance

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful sunny morning and Sweet Pea is enjoying sleeping in the sun!

Last  night driving home from school, Mari was extremely tired and very emotional.  She is headed into her junior year and the teachers are expecting more of them.  She was putting herself down and she doesn't think she is as good as everybody else.  I know she is.  We were dealing with issues from when she was in elementary school.  She was in tears most of the way home.  I was dealing with some similar things with Marissa earlier in the afternoon.  I know we all deal with fear and acceptance.  Pastor Rick has always talked about how we cannot compare ourselves to other people and that we only have to look to God for acceptance and God loves us just the way we are.

Today, Mari has school from 10-12:30.  I am going walking and then come back and pick her up.  We are doing hair today-both cut and color.  Took Mari to school and Mari forgot a folder, so I had to come back and pick it up and then go back to Laguna and drop it off with Mari.  I headed for San Juan Capistrano to go walking and get us lunch.  Came home and took a nap, before the cleaners get her.  I did make a call to our church to talk to an attorney about financial issues, if I was to separate from Rory.  I need to get some information straight, as I have heard different variations regarding inheritance.     Rory's OCD is really getting to me.  He had to call me this morning, while I was taking Mari to school, to tell me all the info he had found out about a wine class he wants to take, of which I have taken before and knew how to find and also about a shooting class he needs to take.  He, either, was given wrong information or he heard information and misconstrued it, regarding the wine class.  When I call about certain things,  I don't feel like I need to call him and tell him everything I found out, especially if it really doesn't concern him.  I know he wants to share, but not all the time and I treasure my time with Mari.

Mari and I headed out to get our hair cut, then we walked over to Trader Joe's.  We got frozen yogurt and then came home through Live Oak Canyon.  We have two missing teens in our local canyons and have been missing since Sunday.  There are many people looking for them.  Came home and got dinner together and watched TV.  Rory went to two movies.  We are all doing our own thing.  It sounds like they have found the young man who was missing in Trabuco Canyon.

At 9,  I am going to go to bed and read and turn off the light at 10.

Good Night!  Trudi

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