Sunday, April 28, 2013

Slow down and take care of me!

Good Morning!

We had fog during night and now we have sun and I can hear some of the birds singing!  This is another picture of a flower on the hillside behind my house.

Today, I am doing my usual Sunday thing of laundry and planning a menu.  I am feeling slightly better, but I want to take it easy as well.  Mari needs to do some things out as well and I do want to take some pictures.

Laundry and vacuuming are done and I have had a nap.  Need to get lunch.  Mari and Marissa are really helpful when I am not feeling well, but Rory does not even know when I am sick and I can tell him.  He still expects his meals to be brought to him on a tray.  Wonder what would happen if I got really sick!  I know what would happen and I don't like to do that.

After lunch, Rory decided to go out for the afternoon and I took another nap.  Mari and I headed for Staples, then Trader Joe's and then Laguna Beach.  It is fun to people watch in Laguna, especially as we get closer to summer.  We stopped at Laguna Nursery to get tickets for a garden tour we are taking on Friday.  Then we went to get frozen yogurt at Active Culture.  This place is located in an old house along Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach.

 Came home and I made dinner and put groceries away.  Mari went back to work on school as she is down to the last two weeks of school.  She and her classmates just want it over.  Watched Anthony Bourdain and just hanging out.  Marissa not feeling great today.  When we got back, my energy level was not the highest, but after dinner, it got better.  Going to watch Amazing Race at 8 and go upstairs at 9.  Who knows what time Rory will be home.

Good night!  Trudi

A picture taken at Laguna Nursery, where we went today!

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