Thursday, April 25, 2013

When is enough, enough?

Good Morning!

I guess I missed all the excitement last night, we had thunder and lightning!  I thought I was a light sleeper, but I guess I am not, all the time.

This is sunset in Joshua Tree.

Today, I have no place I have to be and I am thankful.

I am learning something about myself and eating.  When I get hungry, I don't know when to stop.  When we left for Joshua Tree, I took along snacks, as I knew our eating times would be a little weird and I wanted to keep my energy level up.  I had my normal breakfast and, when we got to our first stop, we munched on trail mix and ate half of the sandwich, which was around 11:30 and that was normal lunch time for me.  After that stop, we were headed for Applebee's for "lunch", which was between 2:30-3.  That would have been normal snack time for me.  I ordered an appetizer, which I am learning is about the size meal, I have been eating lately.  When I felt my energy level dropping, I would munch on the trail mix.  When we finally got to the hotel that night, we had our sandwiches and some cookies.  I do make a menu for myself and try to stick to it.  When I am out, seems to be the hard part.  When we were out last Friday, I overate.  Yesterday morning, I was going to have pancakes, but they had waffles and one waffle was too much.  I did stop and only ate half.  Food is my comfort zone. Yesterday, my body was not quite sure what was going on and I felt like it wanted food all the time.

Need to keep going.  Having to make up for not being home for one day.

Mari woke up not feeling well.  Done some of my morning routine.  Checked laundry in dryer, which was not totally dry.  Going to make some cookies and some granola.  A day of rest, which is much needed.  Made my cookie bars and then Marissa and I went to Trader Joe's and then took a walk in the area.  Mari still not feeling well.  Came home and made dinner and watched a little TV.  Working on a my other blog as well.

The blossom on a plant in our house.

Good night!  Trudi

The handle to the cold water on my bathroom sink, that was taken one year ago.

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