Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not my normal schedule

I am not getting to write until dinner time, so I will not say good morning!

From the very word "go" this morning, this day was not normal routine.  It is Tuesday, which means a busy day anyway.  I made pancakes this morning, which takes extra routine and probably not a good idea for a early morning, but I got most of the important things done that I needed to and I guess that is what is important.  Mari and I left about 9:25 and headed for school and to go along with the day, there was a sign as we were headed down Laguna Canyon, that the road was closed at the 73 tollway.  Oh great, but there is another way to get down Laguna Canyon, so we went that way and got her to school on time.  I had decided I was going to find some other places to walk and so I looked on line to see what I could find.  San Clemente trail sounded interesting, so that is what I decided to find and walk.  It goes along the beach and the railroad tracks.  Good walk.

After my walk, I came home and had lunch and took a nap.  Rory came home right before Marissa and I left.  His non-stop talking drives me nuts and he has to tell me several times about what happened or what he is doing.  Marissa and I left and went to Starbucks to get snack and then headed for her counseling appointment.  I found a place to sit and do some things, as well as take some pictures.  Came back to pick her up and then we headed home.  There are two things of newsworthy near us.  One was the accident on Laguna Canyon, which killed two teenagers and the other one is that two teenagers who were hiking are missing in the canyon near us.  We have been hearing helicopters around us.  My prayers are with all of these families.  The teenagers were not at fault in the accident, as someone went north in the south bound lanes and there was a head-on collision.  I am having quiet time  and totally enjoying it.  I will leave at 8:45 to go get Mari, then come home and probably go to bed.

Today, I have really felt the need to escape, but I made the best of it.  It is hard to live with someone with OCD.

The picture below shows our master bathroom last year.  That was also stressful to live through, but at least that gets done, where the OCD does not go away.

Good night!  Trudi

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