Saturday, April 27, 2013

An old brewery and art

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful sunny morning and I love listening to the birds singing outside our screen door!  Didn't get the best night's sleep, as I felt like I was up every couple of hours going to the bathroom.    Rory finally got home about midnight.  After lunch, Mari and I are going to LA to an old brewery, where they are doing an art walk.  Should be interesting. I was going to take the train, but there is no metro link that goes near the brewery, so I guess I am driving and it is too long a walk.

Redid our trip last night and we are getting home two days early, so we will get almost a week at home without Rory.  Found a place I want to go to brunch on Mother's Day, originally, we were going to do the same thing we did for my birthday, which was stay home and get dinner from out.  I know it is easier to stay home, as I don't have to deal with all of the stress of all of us going out, but I also feel like there are things I enjoy and want to go to.  Marissa is not going to go and I knew Rory would go.  It is outside and they have horses and a winery.  I have been there and enjoy it.

Made reservations for Mother's Day brunch.  We decided to not go to LA, as I was not feeling well.  I have to remember it is a marathon.  We may go tomorrow.  Mari has school to do, so she is working on that.  This past week was a little much and it caught up with me.  I know, when I need more than one nap, I am tired.  Making some granola.  Doing restful things!

365 project-flower on hillside behind me.

Mari is making good use of her time.  She only has two weeks and one day.  YEA!

With some help from my girls, we put dinner together and took care of a business thing for Rory.  Watched My Cat from Hell and now, I am just resting.  I ate most of my dinner.  Not much appetite!  We will see what tomorrow brings.

Good Night!  Trudi

This is part of a mural that is on the side of a building at Mari's school.

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