Sunday, April 21, 2013

Confidence and laziness

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful sunny morning.  A little on the warm side!

I took this yesterday as we were driving home from doing errands.  This is Santiago Canyon Road.

Yesterday, Rory had gone out to get lunch and when he got back, he sat in the living room and was looking at a picture I got the other day of my docent group at the Swallows Day Parade.  He made some negative comments about the group and the picture.  I have gotten to the point that his negative comments do not bother me anymore, except that I get tired of them.  When I first met Rory, I felt that he gave me the confidence I had not had, as he accepted me for me.  As years went on, I kept the negative feelings I had of myself and really didn't think I was good at what I did.  Going through the docent class and being able to do tours, has brought back that confidence and I realized that yesterday.  It was a nice feeling.  This morning, I realized that I still struggle; but I think many people struggle with this, that I want to get things done like yesterday.  I am interested in trying or doing so many things and I have just so much energy and only a certain amount of time, that I can only do so much.  This frustrates me to some extent and I have to make a list and stick to that list and include many of the things I like to do.  Most of the things I do, really do not have a time frame.

Today, is my day to get ready for the week.  I am going to make a menu and get some grocery shopping done.  I am going to make a couple of desserts today as well.

Mari doing schoolwork!  Mari was spray painting a lunch pail to change the outside for a project she is doing at school.

Got laundry separated and some vacuuming done, made a menu for the week, did shopping and now I am taking a break.  Going to Joanne's and then come home and make some dessert for dinner.  Rory came downstairs and sat in his chair and expected someone to get his lunch.  He was laying on the bed all morning, watching TV and then came downstairs to watch TV.  I did make his lunch and continued to do what I was doing.

Got to Joanne's and they have remodeled and I like the new layout.  Came home and put Rory's dinner in the oven, doing my photo of the day and then going to make dessert and our dinner.

I have one Martha Washington geranium on my patio and this is the first bloom I have seen this spring!

A very productive day.  Had dinner and dessert in the oven.  Going to finish this.  Finish writing my history of Ventura and if I have time type it.  Lights out at 10.  Rory came down.  We had the TV on CNN, as we were watching Anthony Bourdain and then they went into information about Boston.  I was watching it and he changes the channel, without asking me.  Oh well!

Good Night!  Trudi

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