Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meeting and change

Good Morning!

Paddleboarding at Dana Point Harbor two years ago!  Sometimes I see dogs on these paddleboards with their masters.

Today is the first day this week that I don't have to be out the door early.  Originally I was going to see an attorney regarding some financial issues; but the appointment was cancelled due to illness on her part.  I have a docent meeting this afternoon as well.  Usually our meetings start at 1:30, but this one is starting at 1, so I was going to have to be late if I had had the attorney appointment.  I am glad I can be at the docent meeting for the whole thing.  Other than the docent meeting, I am going to be doing home stuff.  I always love it when I don't have to get up early and I wake up at 6.  Yesterday morning I could have slept past 6, but couldn't.

Next week is going to be different than the normal week.  Mari's classes are going to be later and Tuesday, Mari and I are going to Joshua Tree N.P. with two of her classes on Tuesday.  The attorney appointment was changed to next Friday.

One of our docents has a passion for cooking and she made food that probably, the Native Americans in our area would have eaten.  I did not like how the picture came out that I took, so I am not sharing it. I will share in the next couple of days, some things that the food came from.  I am deciding whether to start a new blog called "Living off the Land"  This is something that I have an interest in, but I am not sure if I have the time to do that.  I would love to grow vegetables on my patio, but I may look at doing that after we come back from our trip.  I would really like to know more names of plants.  My grandfather had a definite "green" thumb and grew beautiful iris.  I may go back to making bread in a bread maker.  We also had a speaker that spoke partly about acorns and oak trees, which we have in this area.  He also talked about yucca and how the flowers on this plant can be eaten.  We talked about the prickly pear of a cactus.  Interesting afternoon.  Stopped by Trader Joe's on the way home.  When I got home I made snack, as my weight this morning was the lowest it has been in a very long time.  Rory is having ribs and those are in the oven.

Mari and I put dinner together and we have not had the TV on all evening!  So nice!  Doing computer stuff and trying to convince a friend who wants to go away for the weekend to go away for the weekend.  Got one thing done tonight, I wanted to accomplish!  Going upstairs and do some writing and then go to bed!

Good Night!  Trudi

A hillside of daisies taken a year ago near a doctor's office!

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