Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Headed for Joshua Tree

Good Morning!

I am going to enjoy the coolness of the morning, as I am not going to see this for a couple of days!

Mari and I are headed for Joshua Tree National Park this morning to join her classmates.  Looking forward to exploring an area I have never seen.  We are staying at a hotel in Palm Desert and then driving home tomorrow morning as Mari has a class at noon tomorrow.  I am glad I made a reservation at the hotel yesterday for tonight!

Mari were awesome at leaving on time.  I could not believe how fast we got out here.  Found where we were supposed to meet the group and hung out.  Did a walk around part of the park and then went back into town to get "lunch"  After lunch we headed back into Joshua Tree and went to a place called Hall of Horrors.  Mari climbed up there with some other people from her group, but she recommended me to going up to this place.  After she got through, we drove to the hotel and got to the hotel around 8.  Just hanging out and I am going to bed at normal time.  Tomorrow morning we will head back for home.  Mari has class at noon and is currently working on school work.  Joshua Tree National Park was awesome!  I am so ready for our trip in May!

Good night!  Trudi

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