Monday, April 15, 2013

Next step-doctor visit

Good Morning!

It is overcast and dreary here in So. CA.  Last night we had heavy duty mist or as my Dad used to call it, San Francisco fog!  Today is why I do preparation day on Sunday.  Rory has an orthopedist appointment for his achilles tendonosis this morning and I am taking my car in for service, while we are at his doctor's appointment. We will see what the orthopedist wants to do.   Mari has school this afternoon.  Hopefully, after I drop Mari off at school, I will get to go walking.  We will see what the day brings!

The day did not go quite the way I thought it would, but the important things got done.  We did get my car in for service, we did get Rory to the orthopedist.  He does have achilles tendinosis and bilateral foot charcot arthropathy.  Much of this is from the diabetes and his weight.  It did help that I went.  He really does have a hard time walking and there are times I think he believes this is all going to heal magically!  The doctor also referred him to vascular surgery to see how his circulation is and he wants him to do a stress test on his heart.  We left VA in time to get my car and get home in time to leave to take Mari to school.  I decided to not walk, but come home and take a nap  Editing my picture of the day, going through emails and FB and praying for the people in Boston.

Made dinner and having alone time, which is nice.  Need to leave about 8:45 to pick up Mari.

Good night!  Trudi

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