Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Organizing, variety and inspiration

I did not get a chance to write my morning post, so I am writing it now.

This was taken on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from Mount Palomar.

This morning, Mari had to be at school at 10 and we were out the door by 9:15.  Took Mari to school and then headed for a walk in Huntington Beach.  I love my new app, "Map my Walk", as I can find new walks in different areas.  I am taking the cities around me in alphabetical order and finding a walk in that area.  I did the walk and took some pictures, picked up some lunch for Mari and I and forgot, I was supposed to pick up lunch for Marissa as well, but Marissa had lunch at home, so I didn't feel too bad.  I decided to drive down to the coast and drive down to Laguna and pick up Mari.  When I had dropped Mari off, she had made mention that she might get out at 11:30 and luckily she did not.  Last night when I picked up Mari, she was exhausted and today when I picked up Mari from school, her brain was mush.  She is taking the rest of the day off of school.  She is going to run errands with Mariss and I this afternoon.

As I was driving back to get Mari, I was thinking to myself, that being away from the house inspires me and that, plus my love of variety is why I came up with Gypsy Mom for my screen name.  I love being a mom to my girls.   Being around the house for too long depresses me and exhausts me.  I am really finding that getting things organized excites me and having variety makes me happy. I love things to be simple.   If certain things are the same for too long or I do the certain things over and over, I get bored and that is why I like my new app.  There are certain things that I do like in a routine.

I took this picture on my Huntington Beach walk.

My house is getting cleaned today and then, the girls and I are going to run errands.

The girls and I left to do errands.  Our first stop was at Yogurtland.   They have Sticky Toffee Pudding frozen yogurt.  The girls and I fell in love with Sticky Toffee Pudding when we were in England.  From there, we went to Bah and Body and got Marissa some body wash.  I do not like it when sales people are constantly checking with you.  I like to go in and just shop.  From there, we went to Sprouts to get some ginger tablets to help Marissa with her nausea.  Marissa's counselor recommended the ginger.  The sales person was overly chatty. I left the girls and went looking for some things.  From there we went to Target and then to Old Navy.  I was so excited as I had jeans that exactly fit me.  Came home and made dinner.  Worked on my computer stuff.  Watching Haunted Collector and then I am going to bed.  Rory came down and is watching the program with us.  Not being stressful!

Good night!


Walk way in the park I found on my walk in Huntington Beach, CA

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