Saturday, April 13, 2013

Field trip to another Mission and to the top of the world

Good Morning!  The weather is overcast!

This picture was taken at Mission San Juan Capistrano!  The gardens are in bloom!

Today is our field trip day and Mari and I are going out to Pala and possibly go to Palomar Observatory.  I really enjoy our field trip days.  This morning I was looking for a walk to do in Seal Beach and found a website and app called Map My Walk.  It is surprising the little things that excite me.  Doing my morning computer routine.  Mari made pancakes this morning.  YUMMY!

Did laundry and then got a nap and then Mari and I took off for Pala and the mission.  We made a stop to get us food and to get my car some gas.  Pala is on an Indian reservation and it is so interesting to get off the freeway and head back into the country part of California.  There is a casino and hotel in Pala, that seems so totally out of place.  We walked around the mission for a little bit.

From Pala, we decided to drive up to Mount Palomar and see the observatory.  Unfortunately, the observatory closes at 4 and we got there at 3:58.  After that we headed for home.  It was a nice day out.  Picked up dinner on the way home.  I walked in the house and Rory was watching Jurassic Park and had it on loud.  I talked to Mari this morning about how we all feel when Rory comes downstairs and watches TV with us, we all feel on edge and part of it is that Rory and I get into arguments.  I decided to honor what Mari said and told Rory if he is was going to stay down here and have the TV on that loud, I would go upstairs and eat my dinner.  He said he would go upstairs, as the movie was over.  I crave peacefulness.  I don't mind noise, but to have screaming and yelling on the TV, I don't handle really well.  The girls and I watched TV and had dinner.  Marissa did dishes and went upstairs for the night.  I am going to do things I enjoy until 10 and then I am going to bed.  Mari is doing school work.

Good night!  Trudi

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