Thursday, April 11, 2013


Good Morning!

 The sun is out and the birds are singing and Sweet Pea is laying in the sun.  The house is relatively quiet as the girls are still sleeping.  I have a doctor appointment at 11.  My doctor wants to see me every 6 months, as I am on a minimal dose of blood pressure medication.  Last night, I checked my blood pressure and it was normal; check my blood sugar level and it was where it should be and my weight is at the lowest I have been on this journey of weight loss.

When I get back, I will get lunch, take a nap and do some errands.  I am mailing a couple of things, that I don't use to a friend, who I know will enjoy them; plus a birthday card.  I have some more things to do with the storage unit and I know Mari has some errands to do.

Today, I feel a sense of peacefulness, which is nice.

Left about 10 for the doctor and I am glad I did.  Missed a turn and the elevator was being slower than normal.  She was very happy with my progress, as I have lost 12 pounds since October and my blood pressure was down.  I am to see her in 6 months.  Came home and made lunch and then took a nap.  Mari and I left to go to the mail center and then headed for Orange to do some walking and to look for a workmans lunch pail.  We found what she was looking for, but she will have to repaint it.  Got our walk and then drove home and stopped at Trader Joes on the way home.  Mari made our dinner and I made Rory's.  Watched the rest of the DVD of Abraham and Mary Lincoln.  Doing my nighttime routine.

Going to bed at 10.  For the rest of the evening doing my night time routine.

Good night!  Trudi

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