Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge-Day 7-History

Good Morning! It is a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning here in Southern California. Just enjoying my peacefulness, before everyone gets up. Mari and I had a good time at the Ghost Walk in Old Town Orange last night. I love hearing about the history of places and the stories of people that lived during that time. Old Town Orange has Chapman University located near this part of Orange, so there were a lot of college kids out on a Saturday night. Today is a mainly stay at home day. I am going to decorate the house for Halloween and some other house stuff. Mari has homework to do. I will probably get Marissa to help me with decorating and I am not sure what Rory is doing. Last night, when we got home, it was like walking back into reality, which is so much fun. NOT! Marissa says to me, "now I don't have to do dad's tea" and I am like, "yes, you can". Rory was talking about money and the weather and getting no call about work. It really makes me want to come home. The good part about it was that Rory was going to stay downstairs and I could go upstairs. I got on Marissa's case about not cleaning up something and then I apologized, but since she does do the dishes, that does mean cleaning up the kitchen. She has a tendency to get lazy.
Mari and I decided we were not going to walk this morning, so I made breakfast for everyone. Doing morning routine. Took a nap and did not get up until 12:30 p.m. Rory was about to go out and get lunch, as he has $40.00 in his wallet, and he is yearning to use the money. I told him we had lunch here at home, when I would have loved to have said "go out and get lunch", but I am really trying to be financially responsible and eating healthy. The girls and I watched "The Mentalist", while we ate lunch and then Marissa and I ran a couple of errands. Rory is getting "cabin fever", which he has a tendency to get over the weekend, as his favorite programs are not on over the weekend and the kids are out, so he doesn't want to go out with them. I really wanted some quiet time downstairs, when I got home and Rory was watching TV downstairs. He wants to find something to do, but he really wants to have someone find something for him to do. He feels like he is being squeezed with the VA, no Unemployment money, no Social Security money, no work. He is no fun to live with right now. I told him to "get a life". Anyway, I am going to edit some pictures and then get Mari to sign her health insurance and decorate for Halloween until dinner. Made dinner and watched "Making Monsters" with the girls. After "Making Monsters" was another Halloween program. Rory came down and watched the Halloween program with us. Mari and I went up to my room and watched "Amazing Race" After this, I am going to do reading and go to bed. Back to normalcy tomorrow. Good night. Trudi

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