Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge #9-Compromise

Good Morning! I am getting up at 6 a.m., because then I have enough time to do what I want in the morning before Mari gets up and we go walking. I like this time of the year, but I don't. I like the coolness, but I don't like it being dark when I get up. I am enjoying the new bed, but there is one part that I don't like and that is, that the covers, which I sleep under, end up going towards Rory's side of the bed. I talked to him about it this morning and he said, we can move it over, as long as I still get to sleep on top of the cotton. Even with the new bed, he is sleeping under a blanket and not all of the covers. I told Rory that he needs to figure out something to do on the weekends, so that he does not get cabin fever, as he was driving us nuts on Sunday and Mari was trying to study. When things are all about Rory, he doesn't understand what it means to compromise. It has to be his way and he does not like to deal with other people. That is why he likes the weekdays, as the kids are in school and the adults are at work. Everything has to be routine and he has a hard time with variety. I did talk to the attorney we had do our family trust about what would happen to the money we have in our investments if I was to leave Rory, and I found out that, because it is his inheritance, he would get the money and I would get nothing. Today, I am really trying to work my mindset into just taking one day at a time and letting God be in control. I was trying to have hope that maybe one day I would not have to live with Rory, but I don't know if that is going to happen, but I have to remember that God is in control and not me. Today Mari has school from 1-4 p.m. and then Mari and I are going to a planning meeting for a trip that we are hoping to take in March to Death Valley to see the wildflowers. I am planning to go to the storage unit to organize some things.
Mari and I did our walk this morning with our walking buddy. Our walk is about 2 miles. Came home and had breakfast. Getting morning stuff done. Took a nap as I needed it. Rory wanted me to make lunch for him, but on Tuesdays I don't have the time, as I have to leave here at 12:15 to get Mari to school. I told him he needed to get his own lunch, but he had had his toenails cut and was in pain. Thankfully, Marissa made his lunch. After I dropped Mari off at school, I went to Trader Joe's and then to the mail center and then to the storage unit. Came home and Marissa and I had a nice conversation about her blogging and her interests. It is so nice to have a conversation like this with her. I have good conversations with Mari, but it is rare that I have this with Marissa. I have been having some thoughts about how I should handle my other blog-gypsymom-virtualconcierge.blogspot.com. I am going to do some subjects as a photography blog and other subjects as a written blog with pictures. I will continue to do my mission blog as a written blog with pictures. I have road trip books and I will do those as mainly photography blogs. I will do my train blog as a written blog with pictures. The stairs book will be pictures. I want to do Victorian history blog and that will be written with pictures. I will do a wall art blog as a photography blog and say where the pictures were taken. I want to do a ghostly type thing, but mostly around history, especially around haunted towns, etc. I have really been looking at doing a tour guide/tour director. Went down about 4 to pick up Mari and then came home. Had some down time, until it was time to make dinner. I made dinner and we watched some TV. Mari and I were supposed to go to a planning meeting for a trip in the spring. I was the one who went, because Mari was not feeling that well. I am a planner and this meeting drove me nuts, as part of the group was just showing off pictures and talking about everything else, but this trip. I finally took control and started asking questions. Came home and watched NCIS LA with Mari. Going to bed. Good Night! Trudi

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