Sunday, October 28, 2012

Learning who I am

Good Morning! It is a beautiful sunny morning and I am thankful for the beautiful morning. Mari and I are going walking at the lake this morning and then grab oatmeal and coffee from Starbucks. It is peaceful here this morning. I will be praying for all those on the East Coast who are dealing with Hurricane Sandy. Yesterday, while driving home from San Diego, I realize, I like to travel, because I can find out who I am and do two things I really enjoy and that is learning and exploring. I can do my dream in bits and pieces and I don't really need to do it all in one piece. My dream has been to explore the United States, all the small towns and the big towns. There are times, I just want to run away and escape. My little trips are my way of being able to escape the things I have to deal with on a daily basis. I come back with a better perspective. Today the girls and I are going to get hair cuts and Mari is going to color my hair tonight. The girls, also want Halloween earrings, so we will go by Party City. Rory is headed for Big Bear. It is nice to have a break from him.
Well, things have already changed. Mari decided she really wanted to focus on school and not to go walking. I made breakfast and Mari is working on school. We watched "Too Cute" and now a program on crashing planes. Interesting! We are going to get our hair cut. Without Rory here, I can get a whole lot done. I need to change our bed and am looking forward to getting some pictures edited and some computer stuff done. A day I enjoy. I also need to go look at some walking routes, as we are going to change from doing our park walk, as I have gotten bored with going eight times around the park. Overall, I like variety. I am curious what happened to our walking buddy. I may or may not ever know. My morning chores of laundry, trash and watering plants are done, plus the bed is changed and I put up the new wind chime I got yesterday. I did and didn't need a nap, but I took one anyway and slept for about an hour. Made lunch, as I am trying to make sure Mari gets as much time to do school as she needs. She is really being good and working at it. I am proud of her. Time to write my other blog and put that up and then edit some pictures. Mari and I went out to get our hair trimmed. I checked out the mileage on a walk I want to do and also went to Target. Came home and called my friend who is ill. In the next week, they are moving her to a 24-hour care facility, which is the best idea for my friend. Going to make dinner in a little while. Dinner done. It is so easy with the three girls of us. I made hamburgers with English Muffins and Sweet Potato Fries. Dishes done and hair color done. Girls watching TV and I am editing pictures.
Watching "Amazing Race" and then going to bed at 9 and read and turn off light at 10. Good Night. Trudi

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