Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge-Day 13-Going for a walk at the beach and in the park

Good Morning! Got up at 6:30 a.m this morning. Had another wonderful night of sleeping by myself and not having to set the coffee to get up by 6. I am doing my usual morning routine and trying to get out the door by 9. I am doing the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Huntington Beach, CA. I have never done one of these before, so this should be interesting. Rory will be home today, oh joy! He has yet to go to Urgent Care for his ear. He said he went to one yesterday, but it was full of people, so he left. If it was really bothering him, he would have gone.
I left around 9 and headed for Huntington Beach. Met up with a really nice group of people and walked down Main Street, taking pictures of houses, Halloween decorations, wall art, surfers and all sorts of stuff. I had so much fun! We had lunch around 12 at a Mexican restaurant. Good food. Walked back to the car and took more pictures. All in all, I took about 150 pictures. I will put some on here, as I edit them. Rory, finally, did go to Urgent Care, to the tune of $100 and found out he had an infection. On the way home, I stopped by Target and picked up his medication, plus some things we needed. Came home and the TV is on and Rory is up in our room watching TV. Back to reality! I did make some new acquaintances on this walk and hopefully some of us will be getting together soon. Getting quiet time, until dinner. Tonight, about the time we were making dinner, I got a call from a friend, who has been ill. I have been trying to deal with my feelings regarding our friendship lately. I have known Valerie since the 1970's and at the beginning we did many things together and had similar interests. As time has gone on, our lives have gone different directions. She is my girls' godmother and she was my maid of honor. A couple of years ago, I wanted my other friends to meet her, so for the girls birthday, we went to Downtown Disney to dinner with Valerie and two of my other friends and the girls and I. The dinner did not go very well and after that I did not feel very close to Valerie. In many ways she was trying to control me and I did not like that. When she first got diagnosed with breast cancer, she called me and wanted to put our friendship back together, which we did. It was not the same. We would keep in touch and we would see each other for holidays and birthdays. Lately, I have been having problems dealing with our friendship, as she has a tendency to put me down, even though, I don't think she realizes it. She makes recommendations how I should live my life and make recommendations regarding my daughters. I had called her on Monday and her house phone was constantly busy. I called her on Thursday on her cell and left a message. When she called me tonight, she told me that she doesn't think she has long to live, that she is getting weaker and weaker. I am going to plan to go out on Wednesday with Mari to see her. Tonight, I am trying to feel something that isn't there. I feel sad for her. This has been a weird night. We had dinner and watched TV. I am very tired tonight. A fun day and too many emotions. I am going to do my reading around 9 and go to bed as usual at 10.
Good night. Trudi

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