Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Direct my path!

Good Morning!
Rory worked last night from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. I was concerned about him driving home this morning, as sometimes when he is driving he has a tendency to fall asleep. I knew he had been awake since about 6 a.m. and he had been very uptight about this new job. He finally came to bed about 5 a.m. this morning, evidently he had been home since about 3. I ended up getting up about 6:30 and I am doing my morning routine. From about 1-5 a.m. I slept, but not the greatest. Today, Mari has one midterm. I am going to call my friend tonight, to see if we can still come out tomorrow and would the afternoon be ok. I need prayers for this, as I keep coming up with reasons for not going, but I need to go. On Sunday, when we were at San Juan Capistrano Mission, one of the girls in the ticket booth recommend I become a docent and tour guide. This is definitely going down the path I want to go and would give me some experience in being a tour guide. Better get Mari up, so we can take our walk. Did our walk with our walking friend. Came home and made breakfast of Grilled peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich with turkey bacon. Mari made Rory's breakfast. Doing morning stuff. Took a nap, as I needed it. Had lunch about 11:30 and took Mari to school about 12:15. Talked to some friends and went to Trader Joe's, while I was waiting for Mari. The Lord is definitely directing my path. Thank you Lord! Just as I was about to leave for home, Mari called and said she was done with her mid-term. Went back to Laguna to pick her up and then we went to Jamba Juice and got a pumpkin smoothie, then to get gas in the car and then to Pet Smart to get cat food for Sweet Pea. Mari and I had some discussions regarding school while we were driving home. I feel more at peace with some things tonight. Came home and tried to have some alone time, but Rory came downstairs and wanted to talk. He was in pain from working yesterday. Ordered his pizza and got dinner together for the rest of us. Had dinner and finished watching the program I had started at lunch. Talked to my friend and she had spent the whole day at the hospital, so she really didn't want us to come out tomorrow. I was thankful for that. Tonight, I am just doing my own things and Mari is working on school. I am tired tonight from lack of sleep and a lot of emotional things going on. Good night. Trudi


  1. I hope you find the path you are meant to follow.

    1. Thank you Cheri for your comment. I am finding that path one day at a time!