Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge-Day#14-A roller coaster of emotions

Good Morning! Woke up at 6:30 a.m. Not a real good night, as Rory had to totally unload his anger and emotions on me,from the last two days, just as we were going to bed. Then I could not sleep. He was also dealing with his sleep apnea, that he does nothing about, so if I was sleeping that kept waking me up. Yesterday, I went from feeling really happy to trying to figure out how I do feel about the possible death of my friend to frustration and anger at Rory. I am looking forward to today of going out to take pictures with Mari to San Juan Capistrano Mission and Los Rios. I guess I had better get breakfast going.
Made breakfast for Rory and then for the girls and I! Mari and I are watching "Too Cute". I love this program. Got my morning routine done, before we had to leave for San Juan Capistrano. Part of the group was coming down from Los Angeles on the train and was supposed to get to San Juan Capistrano at noon. The train was an hour late, so we waited until 12:15. When the group got there, we went to El Adobe for lunch and then we walked over to Los Rios and took pictures and then to the mission. Went from there to the other church and then to Starbucks. Another fun day! On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's to get dinner and then came home through the canyon. Saw a family of deer on the way home. Watching "Making Monsters" and then I will make dinner. Had dinner, watched TV and did some computer stuff. Watching "Amazing Race" At 9, I will do my reading and then to bed at 10. Hopefully things go better tonight. I know he is nervous about this new job.
Good Night. Trudi

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