Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge-Day 11-Variety-the colors of life

Good Morning!
We are waiting for rain! Got up at 6 and doing my usual morning routine. I have to leave at 9:15 to take Mari to school and then I am meeting a friend for coffee. It will be nice to see her, as I have not seen her in about a year. Rory has to be at a class in Wilmington, which is about an hour away from here, tomorrow morning at 8. He is not great at getting going in the morning and would have to get up at 4 a.m. and leave by 6. We decided that he is going to stay at a hotel near where the class is, so he will be gone for the next couple of days, which will give the girls and I a break. I have made another goal in my weight loss journey and I am down 15 pounds since July 20. I will not be walking today, due to the rain. I will be taking Mari her dinner and snack about 3:30 and then come back and go to The Farmer's Market and then come home. Marissa will get me all to herself today. It started to rain about 8 and continued till about 10. We did have some thunder and lightning. Got Mari to school and on the way home, stopped at Trader Joe's. My friend texted me and asked me if I would mind if we had lunch, which was fine. It was nice to see she and her mom after a year. Came home. Need to make Mari's snack and dinner. Went down to Laguna and gave Mari her dinner and snack. On the way home, I stopped at The Farmer's Market to get my weekly box of produce. They had a new booth today of Indian food; which I love, so I got some, plus some tortillas. Went to Target to get what I needed there, then came home. We have been having off and on again rain showers. Put stuff away. It was very funny and maybe this was a twin thing, but Marissa said to me, watch as soon as you sit down and get comfortable, Mari will text you and say she is ready to come home. Well she did text me, but not to come home as yet, but they are getting out early. YEA! Not thrilled to drive down to Laguna at 9 at night, especially when it is raining. Just as I started to eat dinner, Mari texted me and said she was out of class. Took my dinner and headed for Laguna. Got a nice present on the way. A beautiful sunset and part of a rainbow. Picked up Mari and drove home. It is nice to have my daughter home early. Watching TV-The Call of the Wildman. At 9, I am going to go upstairs and read and go to bed. Good Night. Trudi

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