Sunday, December 23, 2012

Planning Sunday

Good Morning! I took this picture yesterday, when we were down in San Diego in the Gas Lamp Quarters. This was in the doorway of a real estate office.
I am going to start using Sundays as a planning day for the week. I am going to make a menu for dinners and try to buy what I need ahead of time. This will allow me to feel prepared for the week and feel more at peace. Last night when I got home, I was in a good mood, even though Marissa had called and was complaining about Rory. Rory was complaining about his legs. I felt like turning around and walking out the door, but I didn't. I set some boundaries with both Marissa and Rory. We will see how long they last. I need to remember. I am doing my morning computer stuff. The girls and I are going to run errands this afternoon. Mari is going to make some homemade egg nog and wrap presents.
Got morning computer stuff done and laundry and vacuuming done. Need to do trash and watering. Yesterday, when we were in San Diego, I talked to a couple of women, who knew about tour guides and loved history. One recommended Netflix. I went through movies and found some interesting ones this morning. Between the three of us girls, we have 70+ movies in our queue. The other one recommended a house that I could take a tour, as well as taking a tour with the paranormal society. Interesting direction, my life is taking. The girls and I did some errands, which wasn't too bad. Lots of people, but not too bad. Came home and finally took a nap. Got the wrapping paper organized and dinner made. Going to edit Christmas pictures for the rest of the night.
Watching TV while I am editing pictures. Going to read at 9 and go to bed at 10. I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I have also learned I like simple. Chaos is exhausting. Good night. Trudi

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