Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday-going nowhere

Good Morning! I just realized I have been blogging for six months now!
This is going to be a relatively lazy day of doing a normal routine. I am going to try to get Marissa's bike to the bike shop today or see if she wants to go to San Juan Capistrano to look for earrings. Rory went out to breakfast and will be out the rest of the day. Mari's last weekend of school is this weekend, so she is mainly studying! Made pancakes for breakfast. Did my morning computer routine and did house stuff. Actually had time to change our bed, as well as take a nap. Lunch time and then Marissa and I are going to run errands. I am reading "The Confident Woman" by Joyce Meyer. Some things that she wrote have stuck out-"Confident people make it a habit to think and act positively. Therefore, they enjoy life, and they accomplish a lot." She also talks about how we try so hard to overcome our weaknesses that we never develop our strengths. What are my strengths? Am I more a left brain, than a right brain? To be continued... Talking to my daughters and they both came up with organized. Marissa and I went to the bank, then to Target, then to San Juan Capistrano. There was an arts and crafts festival there and we bought Marissa two pairs of earrings for Christmas. Marissa wanted to go to this one place she had seen some earrings, but as soon as I walked in to the store, I knew they were going to expensive. We went to the Antique Barn and didn't see anything and then we went outside and success! Went over to The Hidden House Cafe to get something to eat and drink. Then came home. It is nice to have a normal day, I just don't want these all the time. Variety is the spice of life!. Made dinner of a beef stew with left over roast. Watching TV with Mari. Marissa is not feeling well. It is about a week before her time of the month, plus our weather is changing to a Santa Ana condition, which is very dry weather. She was commenting that her throat was sore and her muscles were achy. Rory is still out and said he would be back about 5 p.m. Who knows where he went? He said he was not going to casinos until after his trip after Christmas. The girls and I are planning to drive up to Seattle in late May. Originally it was going to be Portland, but I realized Seattle was not that much further. I made up a trip, just to see how many days it would take us.
Rory came home about 7:30 p.m. He had gone to San Diego for the day. Interesting how we like two different sections of San Diego. I like the downtown and he doesn't. He likes the water. I do too, but I love the historic. Going to do reading at 9 and to bed at 10. I am tired. Good Night. Trudi

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