Saturday, December 22, 2012

Some fun and some helping!

Good Morning! This is Mari at San Diego Safari Park with a lorikeet.
Doing my morning computer routine. Lately, the stress I deal with has made my muscles feel like they are very uptight. This is not a comfortable feeling. Yesterday, I was doing some exercises to a TV program and found I cannot bend my knee that far back. I am tired of dealing with the pain. Today, Mari and I are going to San Diego to take some pictures. We are taking a friend of mine with us and then we are going to her house and help her wrap presents. Should be a fun day. I am going to need a nap before we go. It was a fun day and I did not get home until almost 10 and I am very tired, so I am headed for bed. Marissa stayed home and was complaining about how tired she was and Rory was complaining about his legs being too dry. Really makes me want to come home. Good night. Trudi

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