Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What makes me happy?

Good Morning! I did not wake up with aches, which was nice. I, probably, have arthritis in my left knee and right elbow and recently I have been getting stiff necks on my right side. Yesterday morning it was hurting a lot, this morning, not as bad. That makes me happy. I have been doing stretching exercises, but I am getting bored. I will continue to do leg ups, as I know that helps, but I need to figure out some other exercises I can do at home. I always feel like I am in a hurry to get these exercises done and I feel like I don't make more time, as there is always something else to do. What is important and what do I enjoy doing? Mari does not have school today, so most of the day we are going to stay home, except for tonight, when Mari and I are going to a group meeting at Total Wine. They are having a mini-wine tasting. What makes me happy is getting out and exploring, taking pictures and learning. Doing my morning routine a little differently, as I feel like I am getting into a rut and maybe, that is why I am feeling down. Other things that make me happy is cooking for people who enjoy my cooking and not complain about what I make. I enjoy writing as well, as it helps to get what is in my head, out of my head and onto paper/computer. Something that also "hit" me, was I enjoy variety. I was getting bored with my exercises that I was doing, I need variety, so I am going to try some programs I found on "On Demand". My computer routine is done and I am almost done with my morning house routine. Morning routine done and lunch eaten! Rory left for a movie and I am going to take a nap. Nap done and the lights are up on the patio. Thank you Mari and Marissa. Now I am going to make a smoothie and go see about my cell phone. The phone is attached to bluetooth, but it does not want to activate. We also have an upgrade this month and I have the oldest phone, so I am going to look into getting an IPhone 5. I did get an IPhone 5. Came home to pick up Mari and went to dinner at CPK. Then we went to the Travel and Culture meeting at Total Wine. Interesting! My travel interests include the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I know everyone has their own interests. I have more of an interest in taking road trips or train trips. We are now home and watching Ghost Hunters, then I am going to bed. Good night! Trudi

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