Monday, December 10, 2012

Learning to hold my tongue

Good Morning! Last night I watched the season finale of "Amazing Race". I went to bed right after that and then something came to my mind and I should have taken care of it, but I didn't, so overall my sleep wasn't the best and I was also having a coughing issues. This morning Rory was cold and woke up a little after 6. I could have used the extra sleep, but I decided I was not going to get upset or angry, as it would not have helped. I am having to remember that positiveness=confidence and I also don't feel so angry, which is nice. I decided as well to put my calendar on my phone. Using my new phone more and more. Doing my morning computer routine. Marissa says she is feeling better, Mari has two finals today and Rory went out; not sure for how long. Definitely going to get a nap! Got my nap and did house stuff. Made a reservation for a trip the girls and I are taking in May. I really know why I like to stay at Residence Inns, the price is lower than staying in Monterey, like about $250-$300. Going to get one more thing done before I leave to take Mari to school. Took Mari to school, then went to Dana Point and walked about 3 miles. I guess I can now do Mission Viejo Lake. On the way home, I stopped at Target and then the bank and then came home. When I got home, Rory had the a/c on. OK1 Didn't say anything. He asked me to get him something, as he does not want to go into stores. Got one of the things he wanted and he asked if Mari was home as yet. She will not be home until later tonight. He really does not pay any attention to her schedule. He said if I write it down, he would pay attention. We will see. Need to make my smoothie and then get some things I want done, before I start dinner.
Made dinner. I think I am into soups/stews right now. Watched "The Layover" with Marissa. Marissa doing dishes and I am going to wait till about 7:45 and go get Mari. Hopefully her test does not last until 9:50. I will take things to do. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Laguna from here and I am sure Mari will be ready to come home when she is done with her Art History final. Mari texted me about 8:15 p.m. I picked her up and we went to Starbuck's, then to see a Menorah(I am sorry if the spelling is incorrect) made from surfboards and then home. Downtown Laguna is nicely decorated with lights. The electric company is working on power poles on Laguna Canyon. Laguna Canyon is pretty much the only way in and out of Laguna and it is a two lane road. Traffic was confined to one lane. Then we saw a CHP car with its lights on going somewhere, rather quickly. Later on, I did see it have a car stopped. Interesting drive home. Rory usually works the docks on Tuesday nights and this week, because of some things going on, he decided to change to Wednesday night. He does not like working when it rains and I told him in Long Beach, that the weather forecast was forecasting 40% change of rain on Wednesday. He is having fits about changing it back to Tuesday. He told me that place scares him and he really doesn't want to work there anyway. He only has to work three days a month. We ended up getting into a big discussion of work and money. Argh! Came up to bed to do some reading and then I am going to turn off the light and go to sleep. Hopefully a better night sleep tonight than last night. Good night. Trudi

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