Monday, December 17, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

Good Morning! This is a piece of wall art that I took a picture of on Hollywood and Western in Hollywood, CA. Being the organized person I am, I have a project for each day this week. Today, I am working on getting Rory's gifts together. Tomorrow Mari has a doctor's appointment and if it is not raining I want to go walking after the appointment. Wednesday, we have someone coming over to work on our heater and Rory will probably work. Thursday, we are doing our study and I am going to work on Mari's gifts. Friday is Marissa and getting Christmas dinner together. Not sure what the weekend will bring. Doing my morning computer routine. Found out something interesting this morning, that a friend of mine is not getting the emails I am sending her. Did laundry and trash. Since it rained last night and is supposed to rain tonight, I am not watering plants. Need to finish vacuuming and then the girls and I are going out and run some errands and Christmas errands. Got all of my errands done and had some fun with the girls, which was nice. When we got home, Rory was downstairs, watching TV. Lately he has been spending a lot of time downstairs, which is driving me nuts. Now that the tree is up, he keeps asking when are we going to get presents under the tree. He has asked all three of us at one time or another. After we got things put away, I asked him to go upstairs, as I wanted some time to do my own thing. I really don't enjoy being in my own bedroom. He also keeps asking when is it going to rain. Who knows? Didn't really get anything done, as a friend called. She has an interview tomorrow and is very nervous. Made dinner and watched TV with the girls. Got some pictures put in a scrapbook. I am struggling with an issue. I cannot fathom what the parents of those 20 children are dealing with at this point and I felt very sad all day Saturday. I also cannot fathom what the families of the adults who were shot are dealing with. Yes, I have lost loved ones, but fortunately they were not shot. With my dad, it was very difficult, as he dealt with dementia after a fall. I also wonder how the brother and father of the shooter, feel, as they lost two family members. The minor issue is gun control, which I feel yes, needs to have stronger control, but, there is another issue and that is mental illness. I deal with two people who have autism spectrum disorders and not many people understand this. Mental illness needs to be further addressed in the medical world. Both my husband and daughter deal with the mental illness issue and they look like typical, "normal" people, but they are not. My daughter deals with major fear and cannot seem to get past it. My husband has a hard time dealing with other people and I have a feeling, he could have been similar to this young man (the shooter) at one time. He talks about getting into fights with other men many times. I have a friend, who has dealt with a son who has a brain injury and has been in and out of hospitals many times. He is in for three days and then released. He is put on meds. My daughter is on Zoloft, which calms down some of the anxiety, but not all. My husband is not on any meds. He thinks he has a mild case of "Asperger Syndrome". Yea Right! The young man who shot all these people had a mental health issue, that does not sound like it was dealt with. Something triggered this and we may not ever know what that was. The mother of this young man does not sound like she wanted to deal with her son's issues or illness. Getting a few things done. Going to read about 9 and then go to bed at 10. Good night. Trudi

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