Sunday, December 2, 2012

Words I need to learn and words I know

Good Morning! It is an overcast morning and it is somewhat wet outside! A word I know is frustrating-Rory left yesterday morning around 11 a.m. and went to something I was going to go to, but I decided that something that came up today was more enjoyable. Rory finally came home at 7:30 this morning. He found the Drum Barracks in Wilmington, CA, somewhat boring and so he decided to go to Morongo and gamble, which I really don't like, but he doesn't care and just keeps on going. These places are not close together. He left Wilmington, CA at 4 p.m. and left Morongo at 2 a.m. to come home after he won $1000. Somehow, he missed his usual turn off and ended up in San Diego. He has been out all night before and I just get frustrated and to me, it is very disrespectful. He did not take his phone with him and so he had no way of calling me. He said he tried to ask people if he could use their cell phones, but no one allowed him to use their cell phone. Two words I need to learn are trust and strong. I have had several people tell me I am strong, but I don't feel it. I struggle with taking risks and I really need to learn to trust. Mari and I were talking about this on the way home last night. We were walking down a wet path last night and I asked her to not go very far from me, as I am afraid of falling. Maybe it is called, I don't like to lose control. Mari and I are going to San Juan Capistrano with a photography group and I had better get going.
Had breakfast and am now doing my computer routine. Left about 9:15 to go to San Juan Capistrano for a photo walk. I am glad I had something to do to get my mind off things. Had a good time and met some new people, including a couple with a son who has AS. It is so nice to talk to people who get it! Had lunch and then went to TJ's to get dinner and then came home and I am going to take a nap! Naps are awesome, especially in a recliner; and I am being truthful, and when people do not disturb you.
Actually getting some things done, like laundry and editing pictures.
Made dinner and watched TV, plus my night time routine. Watching "Amazing Race". Going to read at 9 and then to bed at 10. Good night. Trudi

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