Friday, December 7, 2012

My head is full of ideas

Good Morning! Today is mainly a stay at home day and after yesterday, I really need that! Some new things are coming into play, starting today. A friend of mine and I are starting a word study. I have been doing some stretching exercises, but was getting bored, as I have really learned I like variety. I found some exercise shows on TV, so I am going to do those in the morning, plus my walking of different routes. I have approached Marissa with an idea of she and I doing house sitting/dog walking and possibly learning to do dog training. She likes the idea!
Got breakfast and did my morning computer routine. Went over to my friend's house and we have decided we are going to read "The Confident Woman" by Joyce Meyer. Came home and had lunch and took a nap and then went to Trader Joe's. Came home, made a smoothie and took a walk with Mari around our neighborhood, which is a little over 2 miles. I am going to increase my walk at Dana Point Harbor, but my walk around our neighborhood has hills and for right now that is enough. Walking RSM lake twice around is enough, as I get bored doing duplicate laps. Mission Viejo lake is 3 miles around, so I may do that here soon. Doing my secret stairs walks may get into the mix. Going to have to start dinner here soon. Making dinner and going to watch TV. Rory is coming down at 9 and I will go up and read. Good night. Trudi

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