Thursday, December 6, 2012

What is important?

Good Morning! Another busy day in what I am doing and thoughts in my head. Mari has school from 10-10. Last night, when we went to the Travel and Culture meeting, I felt like I was boring in where I wanted to go traveling. I also feel like I am stuck in what I do, because of a number of things. One is Mari's school schedule. Am I afraid to move forward, am I overall content in my little box; am I afraid, period? Am I comfortable, where I am or do I want to move forward. I do, but I don't. I look at my weight and can I lose more or do I need to work with a trainer? Am I comfortable with my photography or should I move forward? With our money situation, I feel like we have what we have and I don't know what is going to happen downline when we get to the end of this money. At the moment, my working is not an option. I just need to TRUST! Need to get Mari to school. Off and running. Today has been busy, as I knew it would be. Took Mari to school, then headed for Dana Point Harbor and walked the island. Since I got a new phone yesterday, I had to go by an AT&T store and get them to transfer data. Got that done! Then I went to Smart and Final and Lee's Sandwich, then home. Ate lunch and took a nap. The learning curve on a new phone is so much fun! Went to the AT&T store, where I had gotten the phone and the guy that sold me the phone was not there. Got some things cleared up and Marissa and I were off and running. Next we went to the storage unit to get more decorations for Christmas and then to the Farmer's Market. Now I am home until Mari calls for me to come get her. Now I need to make dinner. Rory called and he is at Fashion Island and someone parked right behind him and security had to call a tow truck. Got dinner together and made Pumpkin biscuits for tomorrow's breakfast. I feel like I really accomplished something today in learning how to use the new phone, which makes me feel better. Ate dinner with Marissa and watched TV. Now just waiting for Mari to call. I am going to finish the laundry and do some house stuff, which I have not done today. Will probably go to bed once I get back from picking up Mari or do some reading and then go to bed. Good night! Trudi

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