Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Staycation and things to do!

This is a picture of a window in Old Town San Diego! Good Morning! I actually did get some pretty good sleep last night, as Rory took NyQuil and slept most of the night. He is off this morning for Las Vegas and will be home a week from today. I get a break for a week from being the servant. Today, the girls and I are going to take down the tree and the house gets cleaned. Of course, I have errands to run. The girls are not up yet and Rory is gone, so I am enjoying the quiet. I am going to go make my bed, because that is one thing I enjoy when Rory is gone, is that I can make the bed every day and it looks neat. Got my morning computer routine done and then took a nap. When I got up, found out that both girls have colds. Going to do laundry and trash, have lunch and run errands. It was nice to be out and about and do things on my own! Taking the tree down today, so had to get the box for the tree and ornaments from the storage unit. Went to Target, Smart and Final, then to Bath and Body, Yogurtland and then Starbucks. Went to a place to get some slides processed. Putting old pictures in a scrapbook. Came home and the cleaners are here. Going to lay down for a little bit. Then get the tree down and the car unloaded.
A calalily on Balboa Island. The tree is down and the car is unloaded and everything is put away. Dinner is made. Rory got to Vegas safely. He sounded very congested when I talked to him and he said traffic was awful. The girls and I watched TV and now we are all doing our own thing. It is nice to be able to go in my own room and not feel constrained or have to put up with the TV or have Rory constantly talk to me, when I go in to our room, or have him want me to do something. I am putting away clothes that I got and getting rid of things that I don't wear. Organizing! Going to do some reading at 9 and turn off the light at 10. Good night! Trudi
Love to take pictures of clouds!

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