Thursday, December 27, 2012

A made bed and quiet is peacefulness!

Good Morning! This picture was taken at an art gallery that Mari and I went to on the Winter Solstice!
The title this morning is based on my feelings this morning. When Rory is home, he usually hangs out on our bed and the bed never gets made. I love having a made bed, as I feel things are organized and peaceful. As soon as Rory gets up in the morning, the TV goes on. It was so nice to have quiet this morning, as that gives me peacefulness. Simple, organized and peacefulness is what I live for. Rory likes to collect things. I do not feel comfortable in my own room, as there are so many things in our room. One of my goals for this next year and I really need to stay focused on this goal is to get organized. I am not sure how I will handle our room, but we will see. The girls of us have decided to stay home today, as all three of us seem to be dealing with some version of a cold. Doing my morning computer routine and probably going to take a nap soon. Did get my nap. Really didn't sleep that well. Put some laundry away and got the trash out. Watered plants, took the tree and decorations to the storage unit and the rest of the day is going to be resting(my version). Fall colors in December at Getty Center.
Storm coming in Foothill Ranch, CA-taken on December 17, 2012.
Rested for a little bit and then worked on emails. Decided that starting today, I will not have any emails left over. I am going to deal with each one during that day and get rid of the email. Edited one picture and worked on my travel Making dinner. I like cooking when Rory is not home. I know we are having one of his favorite things, but I am putting chicken in the mac & cheese and not ham. Mari took a two hour nap. Dinner was good. Marissa is not feeling the best. We were going to go out to lunch with a friend, but I told her we were all dealing with colds and because of something she has been dealing with, we put off having lunch. For the best! The girls and I watched TV while we had dinner. My usual schedule for going to bed. Good night. Trudi This is at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where we were supposed to have gone today.

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