Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Good Morning! I made it down to Laguna and back last night in the fog! Fog is interesting, as it is not everywhere. I would go behind a hill and it would be clear. We could see the fog down below the tollway. Going through part of my drive was a little scary, as I was the only one on the road and I had to really follow the lines. It is surprising, how much cars stir up the fog. Today, Mari has class from 1-4, so I will not have to make a night journey to Laguna. To get a definition of certain words or feelings, more than likely, I will go to the Bible. I do go to the dictionary, or type it on line and get another definition. Joy and trust I could find in the Bible; while positiveness, I could not, so I will find out the definition online. This is a feeling I struggle with. I may come off as a positive person, but overall, I feel very negative. I never feel good enough, I am hard on myself. I love to talk to people and I love to explore and share pictures with others, but I do not feel like I take the best pictures. I enjoy being at home, but don't really want to deal with what is here. I love being with my daughters, wherever we may be.
When I looked up positiveness, the dictionary came back with a one word definition of sureness. The Thesaurus came up with some words that I struggle with-confidence, hope, faith and trust. Interesting! Made Pumpkin French Toast for breakfast and I am doing my morning routine and watching TV with Mari. Rory may be working today. May start doing some word studies on the above words and really start working on these words. I talked to a friend and she and I are going to do this study together. Mari and I left at 11:45 p.m. We went to get sandwiches and then to Target to get some things. Took Mari to school and then went to Dana Point Harbor to walk, then to Trader Joe's. I got a smoothie and then headed back to LCAD to pick up Mari. Mari needed to go to the art supply place and then to get her poster printed. Finally got home at 5:30. Long and busy afternoon. Rory was downstairs watching TV. I did ok with it, as it would have been worse to get upset. Need to make dinner. A woman's work is never done! Dinner was good! Watched TV with Mari for a short while. Marissa wanted to talk to me . What she wanted to talk about, I was happy, but a little concerned to hear. She wants to take an online class on history. She has taken a class on history before and not done very well. Marissa struggles with school, as she has a processing disability. I did some research and did not really find anything that I would want to get her into. I went to Barnes and Noble and found something, but I also asked her to look at Orange Coast College at a certificate program. Most people have jobs and they have passions and sometimes the two come together. We will see where this goes. Did some research on my new study and there are some interesting books. We will see where we both want to go with this. I need to come up with a reason/purpose for doing this. Going to do my reading and then go to bed. Good night. Trudi

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