Friday, March 7, 2014

What do you know about Fallbrook, CA. (A series about cities and towns in San Diego County)

  Fallbrook is an unincorporated community in northern San Diego County, CA.  The town is located 6 miles west of Interstate 15 or 5 miles north of State Route 76 and is immediately east of the U.S. Marine Corps' Camp Pendleton.  The Santa Margarita River crosses through the rugged terrain in the northern portion of the planning area and the San Luis Rey River runs along the southern boundary that Fallbrook shares with Bonsai.  The eastern portion is dominated by steep slopes and Interstate 15.  At one time there was a stagecoach stop for the stage that ran from Temecula to San Diego.

Fallbrook is known for its avocado groves and claims the title "Avocado Capital of the World."  The Avocado Festival is held in the downtown strip annually in the spring and frequently draws large crowds.

The community of Fallbrook began in the area known today as Live Oak County Park.  The first permanent recorded settlement was in 1869, when the Vital Reche family settled here.  The Vital Reche family was from Pennsylvania and they named the new community Fal Brook after their former homestead.

The present town site was plotted in 1885.  The original Fallbrook School,, which closed in 1939, still serves the community as the Reche Clubhouse.  One of the community's churches was constructed in 1890 and is still in use today.

Oak trees were the original primary trees in Fallbrook.  Olives became a major crop by the 1920's and continued through World War II, but were eventually phased out for the avocado and floral industry.

These are the pictures that I took on my walk the day I was there:

Orange Rose



Historic 395


Historic Downtown

Store in Fallbrook

Wall Art


  1. And here I thought Fallbrook was just an area of the 15 Freeway that I drove through on my way to San Diego. :)

  2. No Eydie! There is history in Fallbrook, avocado fudge and a place to explore.