Friday, August 1, 2014

Field Trips in August-to the ice cream store

a la Minute Handcrafted Ice Cream has two stores; one in Redlands and one in Orange, CA  The girls and I went to the one in Orange, CA.    It reminded me of of "Salt and Straw" in Portland, OR, which is slightly different, as they do not use liquid nitrogen.  If you like, "not the typical ice cream" you try one of these places.

a la Minute uses liquid nitrogen, which is simply nitrogen(which makes up 78% of our atmosphere) in a liquid state.  It is -321 degrees.  Using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream minimizes the size of ice crystal and results in a much creamier ice cream.  The base of a la Minute's ice cream is 100% organic and they strive to use local ingredients when possible.  The stores have teamed up with local businesses to create their interesting flavors.

A small cost us $4.00.

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